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Formal Refashion

I am always astonished when I see how expensive formal and prom dresses are – and even more astonished to see how many girls actually still buy them at that price. Most formal dresses are only worn for one evening and then either kept in the closet or sold for less than half the price of purchase. The idea of a tailoring shop that could refashion an old dress into a unique, stylish, new dress, ready to wear out again, seems to make so much sense in the whole prom-dress context. So, for the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship formal dance a few weeks ago, I did not go out and spend a whole pay check on a new gown. Rather, I spent a few pleasant afternoons refashioning last year’s gown.

I kept the skirt the same, but I changed the top and added a dramatic sash. Because of the angle of the neckline, it makes the dress very comfortable to dance in (which, of course, is essential for a dance!) I got so many compliments on the dress throughout the evening. Several people at the restaurant where we all went to dinner came up to me to say how nice the dress looked. I am really happy with how the dress turned out. Here are some before and after pictures:


After: 2011
The sash wraps all the way around and ties to the side.
The collar opens in the back with a keyhole opening fastened by a hook and eye.

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